It has always been my intention to merely write stories that I enjoy and that others may enjoy too. Just like in real life, there are occasionally acts of violence and maybe even sexual acts. While hardly considered to be pornographic, some may consider these scenes to be offensive and/or too explicit for those under the age of majority in your state, province, or country. If material with even the lightest of erotic content is prohibited by your local laws, be a good citizen and save yourself now by not reading any further. This place is not for you. Check with your local lawmakers to find out how they want you to live your life now that you can't read these stories.

These stories are simply fantasies of imagination. Sexual acts and the occasional violence described in them would be impossible for real living people to perform. If not, why write about them - I'd be doing them! These stories are strictly for the private non-commercial enjoyment of the author and of those who come to this place to spend some time for entertainment.

The names, places, and characters in these stories are original to the stories and do not refer to any person or place, real or imagined. If there is a place as described in my stories, let me know! I'd love to go. I have no intention of infringing on trademarked names nor do I "borrow" from copyrighted works.

All stories, Lillith of Velor, owned and copyrighted
by Infinity Bridge © 1997-2003, All Rights Reserved.

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