Scavenger Hunt

Part Five




In order to continue this tale along its natural course I’m going to have to back up time a little. This is so I can fully relate the events which occurred between Fairchild and Melythra. If I had followed events in their purely chronological order I would have had to jump back and forth between them and the events on the Arion destroyer. Instead of trying to follow this highly disjointed version I thought it best to split them into two separate entities. When you read what happened between the gorgeous Velorian and my Companion I think you understand why I did it this way.

I’ll recap for those whose attention spans have been formed by sitcoms. The last time I mentioned either Melythra or Fairchild they were in a quiet little restaurant sipping red wine. Melythra had just finished telling about her life before she met the Wanderers and became the Companion. Looking back on it with 20/20 hindsight I must admit that it goes to explain some of her attitudes but not all. (At this point my back seat writer, you remember her. Well, I am instructed to explain that all women should retain some hint of mystery about them. Don’t ask me why I just do as I’m told in these situations.) Anyway, back to the story.

Fairchild realized that Melythra, even though she’d never admit it, had a problem. When it came to men she still saw them as the same cruel avaricious beasts that she remembered from her youth. Included in this unfortunate stereotype was, you guessed it, me. I was a man, no matter what the high school bullies said, and as such fell into her bleak characterization of the entire gender. Fairchild doubted that no matter how tender, kind, attentive, and gentle I might be it would not be enough to rouse the fires which the blond goddess believed lay hidden underneath that cold exterior. So, being a good friend and more than a little attracted to my dusky Companion she decided to take the matter in hand. Well, hands and tongue and teeth but you get the picture. Don’t get the wrong idea because Fairchild didn’t. She wanted Melythra. The very thought of turning that cold emotionless beauty into a sex crazed fiend sent tingles down Fairchild’s spine but there was more to it than that. Fairchild knew, from me by the way, that Melythra and I would be together for a long, long time. She also knew that the sight of Melythra would get to me. It would get to you if you ever saw her. And that I wouldn’t do anything about it as long as Melythra remained as cold and distant as she presently was. So, Fairchild surmised that if she could awaken the sexual beast inside Melythra then she would not only be enjoying herself but helping me, ultimately. I realize the logic sounds a little skewed but then you’re not Velorian.

So, after another bottle of wine and a pleasant meal Fairchild suggested that they return to my home. Don’t think for a moment that she forgot about the Arions. Fairchild would never do that no matter how excited she happened to be. No, she’d taken the precaution of scanning the entire area around my place for many miles and couldn’t find even a hint of an Arion.

"Skietra," said Fairchild once they were back at my place. "I really could use a shower. Bathing in the Carribean may be erotic but its not great for your hair. Just look at all the salt in there."

"You may use this dwelling’s shower facilities if that is what you desire. They are . . ."

"I know where the bathrooms are," Fairchild said running her fingers through her hair. "I can see through walls you know."

"Ah yes, I had forgotten. I shall not do so in the future."

"Don’t worry about it."

"I am going to make some coffee. Would you like some."

"That sounds wonderful. See you in a couple minutes."

Fairchild luxuriated in the blazing hot shower. The steaming water cascaded over her silky golden skin across those rippling muscles that were barely contained beneath them. All the cares and tensions of the day left and were replaced by a warm glow in the pit of her stomach which soon enveloped her entire body. She would have stayed in the shower but the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the thought of what she had planned cut her stay short. The bathroom didn’t have a full length mirror. So, she had to use a towel instead of her own sparkling eyes to dry herself and was still a bit damp when she exited.

Melythra was waiting in the living room with two steaming cups of coffee as a gloriously naked and moist Fairchild entered. She looked a little closer at the nude Velorian than one would have expected. Fairchild smiled when she noticed this. Things were going better than she could have hoped.

"I hope you don’t mind me being like this," Fairchild said rubbing the last of the damp out of the long blond hair. "I normally don’t bother much with clothes when I’m alone. I can put something on if it bothers you."

"I am not distressed by your present appearance," Melythra stated handing Fairchild a cup of coffee. "You are a guest in Ross’ home and it is my duty to make you as comfortable as possible."

"That’s nice to hear," she said slowly sipping her coffee and looking closely at Melythra over the rim. "I’d like to talk to you about Ross if that’s alright with you?"


"I realize that you said that you understood about sex but the fact is I don’t think that you do. What happened to you was rape not sex and the two should never be confused."

"And what is the difference?"

"That’s very simple. The difference is in pleasure. You didn’t get any pleasure out of what happened to you. And that’s wrong. Sex has to be just as pleasurable for both participants or it just isn’t worth it."

"I believe that I comprehend that."

"All right, we’ll move on," said Fairchild putting down her cup and moving to sit next to Melythra. "Let me ask you something. When you offered Ross an opportunity to relieve his tensions you weren’t thinking about yourself were you?"

"No, why should that be necessary? I was simply doing my duty as the Companion."

"There’s more to it than that isn’t there? You didn’t think about your own pleasure. About how much fun it would be for you because you were remembering what happened to you in your village?"


"That’s what I thought," Fairchild soothed, placing a warm hand on Melythra’s shoulder. "You’re going to have to deal with this."


"If you and Ross are ever going to have sex, yes."

"How am I supposed to do this?"

"I can help if you want me to."

"You would do this?"

"Of course, I like Ross and I like you. Don’t get me wrong. If this goes properly then I’ll have just as much as fun as you will."

"You will?"

"Sure I will because the only way that I can think for you to understand just how much pleasure you can get from sex is by demonstrating."

"You wish to have sex with me?"

"Damn right I do."

"How will this help with my dilemma concerning Ross?"

"Trust me and close your eyes."

"Very well," said Melythra shrugging her shoulders.

Fairchild leaned close and whispered, "Tell me if anything doesn’t feel good."

"I shall."

Long slender fingers ran lightly along Melythra’s arm from wrist to shoulder. They barely touched the skin but brought goose bumps in their wake. Fairchild did this again and again and watched Melythra’s breathing change. She began to speak to the auburn haired Companion softly.

"You like it when I touch you. Your skin tingles and you want the touching to go on and on. It feels sooo nice."

Melythra’s mouth opened but no sound came out. Fairchild took this and the sight of her now distended nipples as permission to continue. Her hands moved from arms to neck and torso. Her fingernails grazed the fabric of Melythra’s t-shirt as she circled her tits round and round in ever decreasing circles. Yet, just when she was about to finally touch those firm erect nipples her fingers moved down to Melythra’s stomach.

Melythra gave a little cry of disappointment. It was instantly silenced by Fairchild’s mouth as she kissed her. Her mouth open, Fairchild’s tongue had no problem finding its way inside. Slowly and then with a burst of lust Melythra’s tongue followed suit and the two were quickly entwined.

"Ross could make you feel this way," said Fairchild when she broke their kiss. "His hands aren’t as good as mine but they’d still bring out the same fires in you."

Melythra didn’t respond verbally. Instead she let her hands do her talking. They tentatively grasped Fairchild’s thin muscular waist and began stroking. Fairchild smiled as she grasped the bottom of Melythra’s t-shirt and drew it over her head. When it was gone they kissed once more with even more passion this time. Their tits rubbing together. The feel of naked skin on naked skin exciting both women. Their kiss seemed to go on and on and when it ended Melythra’s eyes flickered.

"Keep them closed," breathed Fairchild. "Imagine Ross doing what I am to you. See his hand touching your soft warm skin. Feel his lips on you. He’s here with me and we’re both taking care of you."

"It is . . . difficult."

"Don’t worry about getting it exactly right. Just go with the feelings your body’s giving you and the rest will follow."

When Fairchild stopped speaking her lips sought out the nearest nipple and gently nuzzled it. A low moan escaped from Melythra’s lips as the wonderful feelings that the blond Velorian created in her shook her body. It was as if her entire being was centered in her nipple and the lips and tongue which stimulated them. When her other nipple was taken in the firm but gentle touch of Fairchild’s fingers the sensations increased geometrically.

As she lavished Melythra’s nipples with attention Fairchild completed the job of stripping her. Given her strength the task was easy even using one hand. When Melythra’s shorts and panties fell to the floor Fairchild moved her into a fully reclining position.

Her lips left Mylthra’s nipple and kissed their way down the quivering bronze abdomen. The fingers of her right hand continued to play with the tingling nipple while her left stroked and petted her firm thighs from knee to the vee of Melythra’s groin. Fairchild deliberately avoided her pussy but stroked the area around it. Melythra’s hips jumped in response to this new stimulus and shot into the air when she felt the tongue probe her navel. Fairchild stopped when she reached the sparse auburn curls of Melythra’s pussy and looked back up at the trembling woman a looked of pure delight in her sparkling blue eyes.

"I don’t have Ross’ equipment," she said moving her fingers close to Melythra’s open waiting pussy. "But these should do in a pinch."

Melythra’s breath hissed from her lungs as two slender fingers slid into her. Sparks erupted before her eyes as they slid in and then twisted slowly. She gasped when they slid out but when Fairchild lowered her face and her long agile tongue made contact with the throbbing clit she cried out. As her tongue flicked slowly back and forth across Melythra’s pulsing clit her fingers matched the rhythm going in with a little twist and then slowly out. Melythra’s breathing became even more and more labored as the feelings grew and grew. Her body was on fire and as the blaze increased so did her need. Fairchild realized this and increased her tempo accordingly. Faster and faster the fingers flew until they could not be followed by the naked eye. Her tongue swirled around Melythra’s clit faster as well until she sensed that the auburn haired woman was on the brink. She then drew the large twitching clit between her lips and gave a long powerful suck.

Melythra was off. Her hips arched off the sofa. Her shout echoed throughout the living room and went on until she no longer had the breath to continue. Fairchild held Melythra at that crest for a full four minutes before finally letting her slowly down. She looked up and watched as Melythra gulped in air her body glowing with sweat.

"That’s how it’s supposed to feel," said Fairchild with a certain among of smug satisfaction.

"I have never experienced anything like it before," said Melythra opening her eyes at last. "May I ask you a question?"

"After what we just did, I don’t see why not."

"When you and Ross were together did you experience the same reaction?"

"Pretty much, only more powerful."

"How is this possible?"

"You have to understand the nature of Velorian. We have libidos to match our physical strength. Some say that it even surpasses it."

"Indeed!" Melythra said her eyes widening. "Does this excite you as well?"

"I’d have to be dead for it not to."

"Then perhaps some reciprocation is called for."

Fairchild looked a little doubtfully at Melythra, after all it is a little hard to tell what she’s feeling, and said, "I wouldn’t mind but only if that’s what you want to do."

Melythra did not respond with words. She let her hands do her talking for her. She grasped Fairchild’s shoulders and pulled her close and planted an hot wet kiss on her lips. Her delicate fingers caressed those incredible muscles which lay underneath that satiny smooth golden skin. Fairchild’s body tingled at the feathery light touches. Melythra followed Fairchild’s example and worked her way around to those large firm tits with their achingly erect nipples. Her mouth soon followed and a tentative yet eager tongue darted out to tease and tickle.

Fairchild sucked in a sharp lung full of air. She was amazed at Melythra’s novice yet intuitively expert technique. Eagerness made up for any lack of experience. Her fingers ran through those shoulder length auburn locks. As Melythra continued with her attention to her nipples Fairchild realized that she would orgasm this way without her blazing pussy even being touched. Her head flopped back and her eyes rolled back when Melythra’s lips began their slow downward march.

Melythra paused for a moment just above Fairchild’s open eager pussy. For a second Fairchild thought that she was going to stop at this point and a cry of desperation made its way from her lungs. Before she could voice it, however, Melythra acted. Surprisingly strong hands gripped her firm ass and pulled her hips up to the waiting lips and expectant tongue. Fairchild gasped when Melythra’s tongue first made contact with her large clit. Gasps turned to cries of joy as the tongue lapped the entire length of her pussy like a contented cat. Melythra’s hands squeezed Fairchild’s ass in time with her tongue. The sensation drove Fairchild right to the brink but before she let herself go she did one thing. Fairchild quickly shifted the position of Melythra’s body so that her head and shoulders were out of the way of her powerful thighs. She did not know if she could hurt this woman and she wasn’t going to take any chances. This was Fairchild’s last conscious decision. The instant that Melythra was out of the way her pearly white teeth latched onto the large throbbing clit into front of her and nipped it.

Fairchild’s back arched and her long legs stretched out trying to increase their length as her toes curled into her feet. Her mouth opened and her shout shook the house. She stayed like that way for five minutes before her hips unlocked at last and she slowly lay back down. Her electric blue eyes looked down at Melythra and her glistening face and smiled warmly.

"Well, I guess I don’t have to ask how you two are getting along."

That’s right. I walked in just in time to catch the tail end of their erotic display. It’s hard to describe my emotions at this point. I guess it can best be described as horny mad. I mean I would’ve had to been made out of stone not to be aroused by the sight of these two beautiful naked women in each others arms. Yet, at the same time I felt betrayed. I know I shouldn’t have. I had no claim on Fairchild and yes, she had told me about her attraction to women. And I also intellectually knew that my hold on Melythra was tenuous and not of my own making. Still I felt betrayed. Hey, I have emotions like everyone and I was still more than a little insecure.

Fairchild jumped to her feet at the sound of my voice. She looked embarrassed, which surprised me. Melythra didn’t do anything except shift to a more comfortable spot on the sofa. I didn’t expect her to do anything else. (At this point I am informed that the Companion did not know how to react in this situation and so chose not to react.)

"While you two were otherwise engaged I was putting my ass on the line for what I hope will give us the answers we need. Do you speak Arion?" I asked Fairchild.

"Yes. Listen Ross . . ."

"Save it," I snapped holding out a couple sheets of paper. "I wrote down what was said around me. I’m not sure about the spelling. Do you think that you can translate it?"

"I’m sure that I can," she said a little sheepishly as she took the papers.

"I’m going to change out of my head and get some coffee. Oh, and Mel," I said knowing that she hated it when I called her Mel. "When you get a chance a colleague of mine, Jane Fellows, is upstairs in one of the guest rooms with a nasty bump on her head. Check in on her."

I didn’t wait for either of them to make any kind of response. I turned and stalked off. I was mad and I didn’t care who knew it.

Once in the kitchen I changed back into my human head. I may have been mad but I wasn’t about to try drinking coffee with a snout. The pot was still on the simmer and consequently it was black and bitter. It fit my mood perfectly. I took a large gulp of the hot brew and felt the warmth but wasn’t burnt by it. This was a little disappointing. I wanted a little pain to get my mind off my supposed problems. The awful overheated taste helped a little and the stiff shot of brandy helped even more, though I realized that I’d probably never be able to get drunk again. I was staring into my mug when Fairchild entered the room.


"Are you done?" I asked without looking up.

"Yes. I’d like to talk about what just happened."

"I’m not ready to talk about that right now. I don’t know when I will be. But when I am you’ll be the first to know."

"All right," she said sitting next to me. "Do you want to read my translation?"

"Sure," I replied putting down my mug and looking at the papers she handed me.

I read the translation through twice and then went over it for a third time before finally speaking. "Are you sure about this?"

"That’s the way it translates. Any place I wasn’t sure or where there were two or more words that could fit I included them."

"Do you have any ideas what the words ‘Oulaeans’ or ‘Czebhinn’ mean?"

"Not a clue but as I read them they’re the names of alien races. I’ve never heard or read about them if they are and I am a history buff."

"I think you’re right. I read it the same way."

"So, any theories about what all this is about."

"Yeah one and I really don’t like it," I sighed. "The Arions are looking for a weapon and from the way they’re acting it’s a doozy. And they think that the key to this weapon is right here on Earth."

"It seems that way to me as well."

"Shit! I almost forgot the Arions aren’t the only ones involved in this as well. The ship was attacked by a bunch of walking Bengal tigers."

"Kintzi," spat Fairchild.

"Excuse me?"

"They’re called Kintzi. They’re another one of the Supremis races. Not as tough as the Arions or Velorians but tough enough. They’re interstellar carnivores. They like their meat fresh killed and they don’t care if their food is a sentient being or not."

"Great, just great."

"I know what you mean," said Fairchild putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "I’d like to get some more information about these mysterious ‘Oulaeans’ and ‘Czebhinn’. I suppose that I could try and contact Velor but I’m sure that the Arions will be jamming."

"I think I know how to get some extra information. At least I hope I do. It’ll mean a little trip though."


"The moon."

"Why there?"

"Because the person I want to see won’t come here. It’s a rule he has."

"Do you mind some company?"

"Ah, I guess not," I said not really meaning it.

"Ross," said Fairchild leaning close and looking me directly in the eye. "I never meant to hurt you. Please, believe that. I was actually trying to help. In a strange way I’ll admit but I never intended to cause you any pain. That is the last thing I’d ever do."

"Oh hell Fair, I know that, in here," I said tapping my forehead. "But it’s hard believing in here." I placed my hand over my heart. "I realize that I shouldn’t judge you or any one else by what other people have done to me but it’s hard. I have this thick layer of cynicism built up over my feelings and it usually means that I jump to the worst conclusions."

"And in my case you thought that I was using you and didn’t feel anything for you at all. Is that it?"

"In a nutshell, yes."

"Ross," she sighed in exasperation, "you big lovable dummy. I don’t use people, not for anything especially sex. I can’t, not with my strength. I also don’t do pity or gratitude sex. It’s not in my nature. What is in my nature is to enjoy the feelings that my body creates as best as I can and make sure that my partner whether man or woman has just as much if not more fun than I do. You’re smart and funny, not to mention being kind and compassionate. And a great lover may I add. So, don’t ever let me hear you selling yourself short."

"I’ll try."

Fairchild pulled me into a long lingering kiss and then said, "Promise?"

"Promise," I replied as soon as I got my breath back.

"That’s better. And don’t be too hard on Melythra. I think you’ll understand when I tell you what she went through."



"I guess I’ll have to apologize to her."

"I think you’ll also have to explain just why you’re apologizing. She may be smart but she has to work on her understanding of human emotions."

As if on cue Melythra chose that moment to enter the kitchen. Her normal aloof expression was present but it faded for just a moment when she looked at Fairchild. Suddenly, I wasn’t as bothered about what had just happened as before. I just hoped that one day she give me one of those fleeting looks.

"Your colleague," she said, "is resting comfortably."

"That’s good," I said a cheerily as I could manage. "Fair and I have to leave for a while. It’ll take some time so I don’t want you to worry."

"Why should this journey take such a length of time?"

"Well, I have to go to the moon and I haven’t been there before."

"Has Fairchild?"

"Yes I have," replied Fairchild, "many times."

"Then why not simply take the image from Fairchild and use that as your reference?" she asked in that quiet infuriating manner of hers.

"You mean I can do that?"

"Of course."

"Why didn’t you tell me this before now?"

"Because the situation has not arisen before now. Also I had yet to meet Fairchild. She has latent psychic abilities, not of great scope but they should be sufficient for you to take the proper image."

"So, how do I do this?"

"Fairchild must fix the image firmly in her mind and you must be in physical contact with her."

"Sounds easy. You game Fair."

"For physical contact with you. Any time."

I switched over into my Wanderer form and took Fairchild’s breathtaking face in my larger hands. Those electric blue eyes locked with my jet black ones and we made contact. For a second it was like seeing into her soul and the it was a pleasant warm place, let me tell you. But responsibilities brought both around to the task at hand. The image was there and it wasn’t like seeing a picture. It was as if I had been there myself. When it was firmly fixed in my mind I reluctantly broke our link and got to me feet.

"That was very nice," said Fairchild as she too got to her feet.

"For me too. You’re a very warm person Fair."

"So are you Ross. And a better one than you’d like to admit. I know. I saw it first hand."

"You ready to go?"

"I was born ready Ross," she answered taking my arm.

"Look after Jane for me," I said to Melythra.

"I shall."

The trip was like the other translocation jumps I’d made. The only difference was when we arrived. It’s strange going from Earth with its higher gravity and atmosphere to a place with one sixth the gravity and a vacuum. I think that I would have panicked except that Fairchild was there beside me with a firm reassuring grip on my arm. I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me with complete confidence. All in all it wasn’t a bad place for a quiet undisturbed rendezvous but I’d come on business. I turned my snout to the heavens and used the Voice.

"Horus, my brother, I need to speak with you."

Fairchild looked at me completely shocked. I didn’t understand why until I remembered that normal sounds don’t travel in a vacuum. Obviously she had forgotten about her previous encounter with the Voice.

"When I talk this way you hear with your mind as well as your ears."

Fairchild nodded. I didn’t get a chance to say anything else because the space in front of me. I didn’t have to wait to see what would appear. I knew. Horus was here.

"Wisely done my brother," said Horus when he was fully visible.

I would have blushed with pride except that my jackal head wasn’t capable of it.

"I knew that you wouldn’t come back to Earth, not yet. But I hoped that your pledge didn’t include the moon."

"As thou can, see it does not," said Horus looking from me to Fairchild. "Who is the radiant beauty who doth stand at thy side my brother."

"Her name is Fairchild. She’s the Velorian Protector assigned to Earth."

"Ah yes, a Velorian. A most noble being," said Horus fixing Fairchild with a penetrating gaze. "Forgive me child. Thou cannot speak as my brother and I. Yet, this may be easily rectified."

Don’t ask me how Horus did it. I only know that one moment we were standing in a vacuum and the next we were in a pocket of fresh air. That’s right, air, and it smelled sweet too.

"Now, we may converse in a normal fashion as befits equals."

"Thank you for coming," said Fairchild more than a little awed. Hey, I felt the same way myself.

"My brother called. Should I not heed his cry. Disclose thy mind to me Ross. I shall aid in all that I am able. Only remember the limits thy brother and sisters placed upon ourselves."

"Oh, I do Horus," I said having figured that I couldn’t ask him any direct questions. "I need some information but I figured that I can’t just come out and ask you, having given your word and all."

"Alas, that is correct. Our oath prohibits us from direct involvement in the affairs of this planet."

"I only wish that the Arions felt like that," said Fairchild.

"That, child, is why the Choice was made."

"Well anyway, I may not be able to ask you directly but if I asked if you knew of any friendly races who had extensive knowledge on other planets and races. Could you answer that without violating your oath."

Horus’ beak curled into a smile as he said, "Indeed was the right guardian selected when thou walked the Path Ross Archer. Thou hast considered the dilemma well. This I may answer. In the travels of thy brothers and sisters we encountered a race called the Syliads, silicon life forms of great wisdom and knowledge. They delight in learning all they can for the sheer joy that it brings to them."

"How can I get in touch with them?"

"For that thou must return to where thou first met me, my brother. For look thou, thou art not yet grown enough to make the journey thyself and must needs have assistance to aid thee. So, go unto the Seat and converse with the mechanical intelligence which resides there and use these coordinates which I shall give unto thee. With them thou may travel to the Syliads seat of learning and pose thy questions unto them."

I can’t tell you the coordinates Horus gave me. Well, I could but they’d be meaningless to you. For one thing they’d fill about three pages and for another I’d have to spend a week telling you about the Wanderers system of mathematics because it’s based on units of 360. So, I’ll spare you the incredibly boring details and just carry on.

"Thank you for your help my brother," I said. I didn’t think about the ‘my brother’ part I just said it because it felt right.

"Thy thanks are not necessary my brother but appreciated. I shall leave thee now so that thou may continue with thy sacred trust. Yet, when thou hast time return here so that we may converse as brothers should. And if thou wish bring thy associate with thee, for she is a being of great strength and beauty."

"You’ve heard about the strength of Velorians then?" said Fairchild her chest swelling with pride and her muscles rippling in response.

"No child, I do not speak of that strength, prodigious though it may be. I speak of thy strength of will and the beauty of thy true essence. For as great as thy physical gifts are they are transitory and of no lasting import," Horus explained. "Fare thee well my brother."

"And you, brother," I said just as Horus faded out.

"Wow," exclaimed Fairchild. "That was something. Although I don’t know if I should be flattered or insulted by that last part."

"Well," I said putting my arm around her warm shoulders, "if it was me, I’d settled for flattered."

Fairchild looked up at me with those incredibly blue eyes of hers and smiled. Her delicate hand reached up and scratched me behind my ear as she said, "All right, flattered it is. Ah, Ross?"


"Why is the air still here? I thought that it would leave with Horus."

"Don’t ask me how but I’m keeping it here. When Horus left something inside me just took over and kept things as they were. It’s an instinct, I guess, but one that I have no idea how to control. I’m pretty sure that it’ll leave when we do."

"I’m ready to leave anytime you are."

"Okay hang on tight."

"You don’t have to tell me twice," said Fairchild hugging me closely pressing her warm firm curves into my body.

It took me a second to visualize the chair where I had become the Jackal. I doubt if you’d have done any better with voluptuous Velorian in your arms. Even after we translocated Fairchild stayed in my arms for a few seconds. Not that I was complaining mind or was going to suggest that she let go. I just put my arms around her and held her tight to my chest. I never had many opportunities to hold a beautiful woman in my arms and I wasn’t going to pass this one up.

"What is this place?" asked Fairchild looking into my eyes.

"A lot of things actually. This is where I became the Jackal. It’s also a repository for some of the Wanderers knowledge and a haven for me if I ever need it. And on top of that it’s also a space ship."

"I’ve never seen anything like before."

"And you may not again. I don’t know if the Wanderers need ships like this but I suspect that if they do have them it more of a convenience than a necessity. It’s also quite possible that they built specifically for me to use."

"It’s magnificent."

"Thank you," I said my chest filling with undeserved pride. "I guess we should get moving."

"Do we have to," she said her lips curling into an attractive pout. "I like things just the way they are now."

"All things being equal I could stay just as I am for the next week or so. Unfortunately, they’re not."

"Oh, all right," Fairchild said giving me one last heart stopping squeeze. "Just remember your promise. You know, the one about your force dagger."

"You keep that up Fair and I’ll start licking your face."

"Really," she giggled. "That sounds like fun but I have much nicer and more tasty places for you to lick than my face."

"Fair," I said my dick starting to twitch more and more rapidly, "I haven’t forgotten about my promise. In fact I’m looking forward to it. But I want to save that until we have the time to do things right."

"Just so long as you haven’t forgotten it."

"It’s written across my heart, or the equivalent, in blazing letters ten feet high."

"That’s more like it," she said releasing her hold on me. "Now, we can get back to business."

We were in the Chair room, the one where I had become the Jackal. Its other function was as the principle control center for the ship complex. I sat down and passed my hands over the empty space in front of me. Instantly, a large console appeared. Letting my body’s instinct guide me I activated the voice controls for the primary computer.

"Welcome Chosen," was the mechanical reply. "How may I be of assistance?"

"I need to contact a race known as the Syliads."

"You have the proper coordinates."


"Then please input them on the targeting display to your right."

"What does the entail exactly?" Fairchild asked.

"Please identify unknown female and give classification?"

"Her name is Fairchild," I said as I tapped out the long series of numbers. "She’s the Velorian Protector of Earth. And her classification is well, a friend."

"Noted. Her image and voice pattern have been registered and stored. The communication process involves boosting the power of the Chosen so that his consciousness may travel to the selected destination via the targeting system. Due to the nature of the communication physical interaction will be limited."

"Then I can’t go with him?" she asked.

"Negative. Readings indicate that your physical makeup are not compatible with this system of communication."

"Sorry about that Fair," I said finishing inputting the last of the numbers. "I can take you back to my place if you want."

"No, I’d rather stay here and wait for you."

"Okay. This shouldn’t take long. I hope."

"It better not because I worry easily."

"I’ll remember that," I said turning away from Fairchild and facing directly forward. "So how does this work."

"Now that the coordinates have been entered the process can begin any time you desire it."

"No time like the present let’s get on with it."

The computer didn’t speak. It didn’t have to. I felt my body go completely rigid and knew that it had begun. The room around me became increasing dim and I felt as if I was sinking through the floor. Then all at once there was this tearing sensation and disorientation. It lasted a fraction of a second before I shot through a multicolored tunnel at breakneck speed. I didn’t know how long this trip would take but I knew what was at the end of it. It was the answer to that all important question, why?

(To Be Continued . . .)

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997
Copyright ©1998, Infinity Bridge