Scavenger Hunt

Part Two




I had a problem on my hands or should I say that my problem had her hands on me. The only way that I can translocate myself and someone else is through physical contact. In order to get the very turned on and also very defenseless Fairchild away from the Arions who had invaded my office was to translocate. This placed the two of us in close contact and I should have realized that this would have caused a problem from the start. But even if I had known beforehand I still would have taken her with me the way that I did. What else could I do?

Where we went slipped my mind completely as Fairchild continued to scratch my ear and tell me just how much she liked ‘doggies’. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t anything sick or perverted. Not once did she suggest anything strange or weird but then again I think she hadn’t quite grasped the fact that I was only a ‘doggie’ from the shoulders up. When she did I was a goner because the moment that I took her in my arms I felt the strength that resided in that beautiful blond body of hers. It was incredible and easily dwarfed my own. If she decided to have her way with me there was nothing that I could about it except unleash my force bolts on her. That was something that I wanted to avoid if at all possible. I liked this woman and the way she scratched my ear sent tingles running up and down my spine. So when I felt solid ground underneath my feet once more I tried to take her hand off my head so that I could step back.

"Where are you going?" Fairchild asked her words slurring and her accent changing to one that I didn’t recognize.

"To find the nearest fire hydrant," I said with my best big snout grin.

Fairchild gave a throaty laugh and said, "You’re funny. I like you."

"And I like you," I said my grin widening. "Would you like to let go of me now."

"My what big teeth you have," she said completely ignoring me.

There was no way that I was going to play this game. The bridge was washed out at the end of that road. I had to snap her out of it but the way her unfocused eyes looked at me and the sound of her fingers as they continued to pleasure herself told me that it would be some time before Fairchild was coherent once more. Damn it, there were Arions to consider and they were after me. I mean Ross Archer me, not the Jackal.


"What’s that?" asked Fairchild.

"Nothing forget about it."

I had to warn Melythra but how. I couldn’t show up with a high Velorian in my arms. Could I? She might tear up the house. Plus there was the fact that I’d have to keep a hold of her to make the jump. Then I remembered that Melythra and I well mentally linked.


Melythra, I thought.


I hear you, came the almost instantaneous reply.


Some Arions came looking for me today at my office. Not the Jackal but Ross Archer the Egyptologist. I’m supposed to be lying under my window in a broken heap. When they see I’m not there they might decide to come looking at my place. I can’t get back right now. So, I want you to find some place to hold up for a while until I can come get you.

There is no need to worry. I can protect myself.

I’m sure that you can but I’m the One remember and you’re the Companion. So, do like I say and find a place to hide for a while.

Very well, if it is what you wish.

Good girl.

Why are you unable to return?

Well, that’s a little hard to explain. But the simple fact is I’ve got my hands full with the Velorian called Aurora right now. The Arions did something to her and she really horn . . . aroused right now. I can’t leave her like this.

You wish to have physical relations with this Velorian.


I understand. I have seen her picture. She is quite beautiful, this Aurora. You may do so if you wish.

Look, as good looking as Fairchild is. That’s her name by the way. She’s doped up right now and anything I might do would seem like rape to me. So, it’s hands off for now.

But later . . .

Melythra, you’re wasting time. Go find a place to hide right now. And when you’re safe send me an image of where you are. So that I can find you later. And let me know if you have any problems at all.

I shall.

I broke our contact. Melythra would do as I asked. She might be surly some times but she took her role as the Companion seriously. Too seriously, I thought.

While I had been talking to Melythra I had taken my eyes off Fairchild. When I stopped I looked at her again. She was looking into my jet black eyes with her unfocused blue ones. I sighed because I could still see the overpowering lust behind them.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked a little out of breath.

It was then I realized that all the time that we had been talking she had been having mini orgasms. Her breath would gasp a little and a shudder would run through her magnificent body.

"No, you didn’t do anything wrong."

"Good, because . . ."

"I know. You like doggies."

"Well, I do," she pouted.

Fairchild rose up to cover the few inches between her head and mine. She looked me right in the eye and then placed a tender kiss on the tip of my nose.

"It’s cold," she said.

"Well, it’s supposed to be. Isn’t it?"

"Oh, you’re such a good doggy. Maybe I have a bone for you. Let me check."

Fairchild checked all right. She checked by lifting her top off and showing me the two most beautifully breasts I’ve ever seen. I didn’t care about the bone. I didn’t want her to pull it back down. I was so caught up in the display that I nearly didn’t notice that she had taken her hand off my head. I did notice when her long fingers began playing with her long erect nipples again. I stepped back.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like women. Always have always will, even though they barely seem to notice me. Fairchild had noticed me but only the jackal’s head which I now sported and not the man underneath. If she had and wanted me I still would have said no. The fact was that she was nearly out of it, witness her talking with a ‘doggy’ and not thinking that it was the least bit strange. No, it would have been taking advantage of a strong yet vulnerable lady. I couldn’t do that. I’m just not built that way. What I wanted to do was help her but I had no idea how. If I wanted to get any information out of Fairchild I’d have to do it soon because the way she was writhing on the white sand and the way her small orgasms were increasing in force she would soon be beyond any attempt at rational conversation.

"Fairchild. . . Fairchild!"

"Mmmmmm . . ."

"Well, let’s see if you can ignore the Voice," I said to her quivering form. "Fairchild."

"Yes," she said huskily.

"What happened to you?" I asked pleased that the Voice had gotten through to her because I wasn’t sure that it could.

"Oh . . . orgone . . . grenade. Different, never saw talking doggy before."

"Never mind about the doggy right now. Tell me how to help you!"

"Or . . . or . . . orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms. Bigger better. Get rid of . . . energy."

Fairchild forgot about me at that point as an earth rumbling orgasm rocked her body and I do mean earth rumbling. The ground underneath me shook as she writhed and spasmed before my eyes. She was so far out of it that I didn’t think that the Voice would reach her this time. Hopefully, Fairchild had told me enough to help get rid of this orgone, whatever it was.

The last thing that Fairchild had said was that it was energy. Well, I could read energy signatures. So maybe I could see this stuff if I read her again. It wasn’t hard to see. Fairchild’s normal energy reading was covered in a strange green glow that hadn’t been there before. It was concentrated in three spots on her body, on her head, her breasts, and over her vagina. As I watched the green light pulsed rhythmically. In time with her heartbeat, I thought. It grew in intensity until Fairchild experienced yet another orgasm and then the light faded and was not as strong as it had been. Now, I thought that I understood what was going on here. Somehow this orgone stuff had affected her in a rather nasty and erotic way. It overloaded the pleasure center of her brain and at the same time the nerve endings of her erogenous zones and created a sort of feedback loop. She was both horny and stimulated at the same time and the more pleasure she got the more hot she became. It was a vicious circle. And it seemed that the only way to get rid of this energy was to burn it off through constant orgasms. As I was formulating this theory of mine I continued to watch Fairchild. She went through another very powerful orgasm which shook me off the log I was sitting on. From my point of view it seemed that her entire body glowed green for half a second but when it past the energy signature of the orgone was dramatically decreased. So, it seemed that the force of the orgasm also helped to remove the orgone influence quicker. This was an area in which maybe I could be of assistance.

I got to my feet and repositioned my hard dick. Yes, I do have a dick when I’m wearing my jackal head. I said that I was human from the shoulders down. And yes, I was affected by Fairchild’s erotic display on the white sand. It is just that I wouldn’t let myself take advantage of it. Being a very shy person does come in handy from time to time.

As I stood over Fairchild I thought about manually helping her but rejected it. There was something else I wanted to try first. I really concentrated as I didn’t want to hurt her and pointed my right index finger at her exposed nipple. I watched at the frequency and intensity of the pulsing orgone got stronger and just as she was about to peak I let loose. A small force bolt shot from my fingertip and struck Fairchild’s erect nipple.

It didn’t move but she did. Fairchild’s back arched at an outrageous angle and her heels dug even deeper into the soft white sand. Her eyes snapped open and I could she her whites as the pupils had rolled completely back in her head. She stayed that way for about half a minute while her cry rocked the sky and set my teeth on edge. When she collapsed down again her fingers did not stop moving. I had helped get rid of a lot of the orgone but not it all.

This time both Fairchild’s hands slipped down to minister to her demanding pussy. They pushed the bottoms of her white costume aside and exposed fully for the first time the gates of paradise. I took in the sight of her erect throbbing clit framed as it was by her damp golden blond pubic hair and forgot for a moment why I was there. The scent of wild flowers and honey was even stronger now and my big sensitive nose twitched uncontrollably. Increasingly it was becoming harder for me to focus and I hoped that Fairchild would peak again soon before I completely forgot what I was supposed to be doing. I watched the green pulses as they grew closer and closer and the same time got brighter and brighter. It was nearly time. I tore my eyes away from the sight of long slender fingers thrusting in and out of an open and inviting pussy and thought about what I was going to do. I held out both my hands over Fairchild’s exposed rampant nipples. They looked so hard and erect I thought that they might even be a little painful. They certainly were sensitive because she jumped a little as I released tiny force bolt after tiny force bolt on them. I wanted Fairchild to be as hot as I could make her before she came. When it was time I released two slightly stronger bolts which hit not only her nipples but the surrounding flesh as well.

To say that the results were electric would be putting things too mildly. Fairchild’s body shot three feet into the air and stayed there. Green and blue sparks danced from rock hard nipple to rock hard nipple and back again in a dazzling light show. Her backed arched so much that for a second I thought that she would bend double. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Let me correct that. No sound a human could hear came out. My canine ears heard her all right and she damn near deafened me. It was then that I learned to tune back my hearing. I had to otherwise I’d have been one deaf Jackal. Fairchild’s hands looked like they were try to reach her throat the back way and she released such a powerful scent that it staggered me. I didn’t move or even breathe for the full four minutes while Fairchild writhed and twitched in midair. I was beginning to think that I had put too much in to my assistance when she dropped back to the sand. This time her hands did not move. Her breathing returned to a slower rhythm and when I checked I could see no green coming from her energy signature. I sat down on my log and waited.

While I waited for Fairchild to wake from her orgasm induced sleep I got in touch with Melythra. She had taken my instructions to heart and was now at one her favorite places, the public library. By the time I got in touch with her she was on her fourteenth book and was upset that I had interrupted. I briefly explained what had happened what I could understand of it that is and said that I would check in later. When I was done I went and gathered some things that I thought Fairchild might appreciate when she woke.

I was back just as Fairchild’s eyelids began to flutter and then flew open. She sat bolt upright and looked around her at the unfamiliar surroundings. She was looking away from me and didn’t notice that I was sitting not five feet away at first. I coughed softly to get her attention. We might as well get the introductions out of the way.

Fairchild’s hands were still stuck in the bottom of her costume when she turned and saw me. Her brilliant blue eyes went wide at her first clear headed sight of me. I was used to that reaction by now. She didn’t try to run or attack. She just stared at me in disbelief.

"Welcome back," I said trying to smooth things over. "How are you feeling?"

"You’re real," she said. "You’re not just an orgone hallucination? You’re real."

I got of the log I was sitting on and knelt in front of Fairchild. "Of course I’m real," I said calmly. "Touch me if you don’t believe your eyes. But you're going to need your hands back."

"What," she said finally noticing where her hands were. "Oh."

A little sheepishly Fairchild removed her glistening fingers from her sated pussy. I was again assaulted by the scent of wild flowers and honey and my nostrils flared. My dick which had just begun to settle down began to throb and twitch once more.

"Wow! What is that wonderful smell? It’s driving me out of my mind."

"Sorry," said Fairchild with a little blush. "That’s me, my pheromones."

"Don’t be. I’ve never smelled anything so heavenly before."

"Thank you for saying that," she said flashing me a winning smile.

"So now do you believe I’m real?"


"Damn, and I thought I’d at least get another scratch behind me ear out of it."

"I didn’t do that. Did I?"

"Yup, and you kissed my nose too."

"I didn’t!"

"You certainly did."

"I’m sorry. It was the orgone you understand."

"And here I thought it was because I was cute," I said laughing. "You said you liked doggies."

"Oh Skietra!"

I was suddenly very ashamed of my teasing. I didn’t like it when people did it to me and now here I was doing it to a woman who had come to try and protect me. I put my hand on Fairchild’s warm muscular shoulder and said, "It’s me who should apologize. I should never have teased you like that. I understand that the things you did and said were only because of the high you were on. It’s not your fault. I just thought that if I could make you laugh that you might feel better about everything."

"Thank you for saying that," said Fairchild with a look that sent tingles coursing up and down my spine. "It’s just so embarrassing losing control like that. It was nice that you tried."

"All part of the service lady," I said mimicking my plumber’s voice. This did get Fairchild to laugh and it made me ridiculously happy for some reason. "I got some things for you to eat and drink. I thought you might be a little dehydrated after your . . . exertions."

"Thank you it was very thoughtful of you. And you’re right I am thirsty but first I need to get clean. I’m covered in sweat and sand and must look a fright."

"If this is a fright then you can scare me anytime. As for getting clean there’s a whole over there. Help yourself."

Fairchild gave me another throaty chuckle and smiled even wider than before. I was getting better at this witty banter. She got to her feet and taking off her cape said, "Thank you, I don’t mind if I do."

Fairchild made no move to leave or turn or ask me to look away. So I figured that modesty didn’t really play a large part of her makeup. So, I watched but tried hard not to pant. Not that it was easy because the more she revealed of her sweat covered skin the more aroused I became. I was glad that I was wearing my white kilt instead of pants because I’d have split them if I had been. Fairchild never spoke to me once as she undressed. She looked longingly at the crystal blue waters and when she was finally naked she walked sensuously toward the inviting waves. I watched her ass sway rhythmically and wanted nothing more than to rip my own clothing off and join her. Shy Ross was still in charge, however, and kept me rooted to my spot on the beach. Fairchild stopped at the waters edge and turned back toward me giving me an unobstructed view of all her glorious body.

"Oh by the way," she said. "I do like doggies." And with that dove into the warm sea water.


When she arose from the blue water Fairchild was a glistening golden goddess. Just the sight of her put a lump in my throat and one under my kilt. Water ran from the top of her head down over her large proud breasts over her narrow waist through her golden halo which was her pussy and along her firm lean long legs. I had never seen anything like it before. It held me spellbound and I stopped myself panting at the last minute. I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot in front of her.

Fairchild sat next to me on the log and dug into the large picnic hamper at my feet. While she had slept I had gathered bottled water, several kinds of fruit juice and fruit, as well as a large thermos of coffee just in case. She downed one of the bottles of water without a breath.

"Skietra, I needed that. You have no idea how much fluid I can loose during an orgone episode."

"Ah, I do. I was here remember."

"Yes, I do remember finally. Orgone does funny things to your memory and it takes a while before I get complete recall." Fairchild opened a second bottle this one orange juice and took a long pull. "Much better," she said with a contented sigh. "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"


"Who are you?"

"Sorry, forgot about the niceties, introductions and all that. I’m the Jackal."

"The Jackal, that’s a pretty odd name."

"Yes, I suppose it is Aurora."


"Anyway it beats the hell out of Rex the Wonder Dog or worse yet Pete the Dog Faced Boy."

"Yes I guess it does at that," she said laughing. "Did you bring me here?"


"Where are we anyway?"

"The Carribean, Blue Turtle Island to be exact."

"It must have been difficult flying me all the way from California like that. I hope that I didn’t cause too many problems for you."

"No, it wasn’t too bad because we didn’t fly. We jumped. Translocated to be precise."

"Translocated? Is that like teleportation."

"Yes and no. They both achieve the same results but in different methods. Translocation is basically a very small stable dimensional corridor linking two spots . Folding space sort of like a wormhole only a lot smaller and a whole lot more precise. I call up an image of the place I want to go and create the corridor. I step in with you in my arms in this case and hey presto we’re in the Carribean."

"That’s incredible. I haven’t heard of any races being able to do something like that. Which brings me to my next question. What are you?"

"Well, for all intents and purposes I’m a Wanderer."

"A Wanderer! But they’re just a myth."

"No, hate to spoil your notion there but they’re not. I should know."

"It’s hard to doubt when you’re right in front of me. But you said for all intents and purposes. What’s that supposed to mean?"

"Oh boy! I just knew that you were going to ask that and well if I can’t tell you then I might as well not trust myself. Okay, this is going to get a little weird so just trust me for a little while. When I said that what I meant was that I wasn’t a real Wanderer. I don’t think I even got all their powers. Although that I’m not certain. I know that I don’t have all their intelligence or wisdom. Because up until just recently I was just an ordinary human being. Well, maybe a little less than ordinary but you know what I mean."


"Here’s the condensed version. I met Horus. You know guy with the falcon’s head. Anyway it seems that the Wanderers visited Earth about twelve thousand years ago and took quite a liking to this planet and its people. They wanted to protect them from outside influences for reasons that I don’t think I should go into right now. Anyway they couldn’t stay but they could leave their power behind and when the right time came a human proxy would serve as a guardian. I know because I’m it."

I had to hand it to Fairchild. She took the news like a champ. But then again given her line of work she probably deals with this kind of weirdness all the time.

"So you actually met Horus, the Egyptian god," she said instantly accepting my story. "Only he turns out to be a Wanderer."

"Precisely. Although Horus isn’t his real name. It’s what people here called him. He and his brothers and sisters served as models for the Egyptian pantheon but I suspect that many of the myths were in fact legends superimposed over the models laid down by the Wanderers centuries before."

"You’re probably right," said Fairchild thoughtfully. "I know of similar things happening in the past. But the way you tell it is like being in school again."

"Well, there’s a simple explanation for that as well," I said deciding to trust the blond vision with my secret. "I am a teacher," I said making the switch back to my human head, "at least some of the time."

"Dr. Archer?"

"Call me Ross. I think we’ve progress beyond the surname stage don’t you?"

"Yes Ross, I think we’ve moved well beyond that point," she said turning those brilliant blues of hers on me. "This explains a lot, like how you knew to come to my rescue. Thank you for that by the way."

"It was a pleasure, believe me. Besides I could hardly leave you there like that. Goes against the super hero’s code or handbook or something. There isn’t a handbook, is there?"

"Not that I’ve found and I’ve looked," Fairchild said just as frivolously as me. "It makes sense in a weird way."

"What does?"

"You. I mean who else would you to expect to meet the real Horus and be turned into the spitting image of the Egyptian god of the dead. Anubis, right?"

"Correct," I said in my most professorial voice. "You’re right it does have a perverted logic to it. As for looking like Anubis I think that was done deliberately. Kind of give me a look of dread or something like that. I know it scared the hell out of the first Arions I met. You should have seen the look on her face when I snarled at her. I thought she was going to piss herself."

"I might have had the same reaction if I hadn’t been stoned on orgone at the time. As it was I thought you were about the cutest doggy I’d seen in my life."

"Thank you," I said my cheeks hot.

Fairchild laughed as she said, "I can’t believe that you’re blushing. Not after everything that’s happened."

"Well, at the time you were out of it and I was just trying to help in any way that I could. Now’s different."

"I like it," said Fairchild. "I think it’s attractive."

"Thanks again," I said not quite believing what I was hearing.

"Ah, Ross I know how people react to me when I’m under the influence of orgone. Why didn’t . . ."

"Why didn’t I take advantage of your condition? Well, don’t think it didn’t cross my mind because it did repeatedly. The fact was it would have been wrong. The choice wasn’t yours it was the orgone. I couldn’t take advantage of that no matter it might mean to me."

"That was very nice of you," said Fairchild her sparkling eyes dancing over my body. "I know how much it cost you to do that. It took a lot of courage to do what you did."

I blushed harder as I said, "No, it wasn’t courage. It’s just when it comes to women I’m painfully shy. Always have been."

"You weren’t all that shy a few minutes ago."

"That was the Jackal not me."

"Ross you are the Jackal just like I’m Aurora. They’re the sides of ourselves we show the public but they’re still part of us."

"I guess you’re right. Thank you."

"And I still don’t think you’re that shy. I mean here you are sitting next to me and I am naked if you haven’t forgotten."

"There’s no chance of that Fairchild."

"My special friends call me Fair," she said leaning close enough to press those magnificent breasts with their large nipples into my arm. "Just how tough are you Ross?"

"Like this, pretty much as I am with my jackal’s head," I answered not understanding where this conversation was going. I was pretty dim when it came to women remember. "I just can’t do all the fancy tricks in this head."

"I don’t need any tricks right now," she whispered as her fingers ran up the inside of my thigh. "Just you."

"F . . . Fair," I choked out. "Are you sure about this? The orgone . . ."

"That was because I had to. This is because I want to."

"It’s not because I saved you back at my office?" I asked. I had to know.

"It’s because I like you. You have nice eyes and are a very nice person. One of the nicest I’ve ever met."

"I mean if it is just tell me," I rambled. "I don’t want . . ."

Fairchild silence my blathering with a kiss. It was not just a kiss but a soul searing experience that I felt down to my toes. I forgot about my objections as my mind and body were carried away by the softest, warmest, and firmest lips that I had ever felt or dreamed about. When Fairchild’s arm went around my back and circled my waist I followed suit. Her arms expanded to unbelievable proportions as she hugged me tightly against her warm inviting body, not that I really noticed. I responded in kind. I’m not sure how long the kiss lasted. I only knew that it ended far too soon for my liking.

"Ssh," she said as she broke the kiss. "Take a deep breath and answer my question. Do you want this to happen? Don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself."

"Of course I want it. More than I’ve ever wanted anything."

"Good, now we both know because I feel exactly the same."

I answered Fairchild the best way I could think of. I kissed her. My tongue found hers and caressed it. As our tongues danced with each other my hands were very busy. They roamed along Fairchild’s spine from her neck to the swell of her round firm ass. They stayed there for the longest time as I reveled in the feel of her silky skin and the firm muscles which lurked just beneath the surface.

I continued my exploration of Fairchild’s ass as I broke the kiss. I moved around to her ears and lavished them with the same attention. Her breath hissed in my ear as I explored hers with my mouth. I removed one hand from her ass and moved it to that one place I had wanted to touch from the moment that we met, her tits.

"Oh Skietra!" she cried out the instant I made contact with her steel hard nipple. "Sofie’tu."

I had no idea what Fairchild was saying but the way she was speaking said that I was doing it right. I had just finished tugging on her earlobe when I remembered that while Fairchild was gloriously naked I still had my clothes on. I didn’t have to worry on that score. Fairchild knew it as well and remedied the situation in her own unique fashion.

My shirt disappeared with a popping of buttons and a quick breeze. The pants posed little problem for a woman who could fly. Fairchild just floated high enough to get them off my hips and then gravity did the rest. How she got rid of my shoes and socks was a virtuoso performance. Her toes just pulled them off and off they came with a rip of the velcro straps. So, before I was half way down her neck I was a naked as Fairchild.

Once she was finished with my clothes Fairchild’s hand latched onto my dick with a grip that wouldn’t quit. It was tight and I knew that I couldn’t have broken loose, that is if I had wanted to. It’s not like it hurt or anything. In fact, it was one of the hottest things that ever happened to me. As she gripped my now madly throbbing dick Fairchild gave a contented little sigh. I realized then that I had just past a little test.

"Satisfied?" I asked before I began licking the nape of Fairchild’s neck.

"Oh Skietra yes," she hissed as her hand stroked my dick in that grip I realized would pulverized steel.

Conversation seemed like a waste of time at this point. I followed my instincts and they led me to her magnificent tits. I sucked and licked and bit them with just about all my strength and Fairchild just moaned and held my face close. While my lips were otherwise engaged my hands were free to wander around from her ass to that golden pussy that had held my attention earlier. I ran my fingers through her silky pubic hair and easily found her engorged clit. Fairchild’s body began to twitch and shake. Movements that I was all too familiar with by this time. She was getting close but I didn’t want her to cum this way.

I left my attentions to her nipples and began kissing my way down her cut abs. Before moving on to my ultimate destination I paused to pay my respects to her naval. Fairchild’s back arched off the sand the moment I made contact like she had just touched a live wire. Lord but she was responsive. I actually had to wait before I could move on.

I had noticed the scent of wild flowers and honey long before this but the closer I got to Fairchild’s moist open pussy the stronger the aroma became. I knew now that this was the special scent of her pheromones and that they had an intoxicating effect on those who smelled them but that didn’t really matter. Yes, they had an effect on me, not as great as if I was still human but an effect nonetheless. Then again I didn’t need them. Fairchild herself was all the aphrodisiac that I need and the scent of her womanhood only and to my already raging fire. I paused for just a moment before I finally learned what this golden vision tasted like.

"Nee! Skietra nee."

I had already made up my mind about what that meant. My tongue darted out and into Fairchild’s inviting sex. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and made her scent seem almost insignificant. I probed deep inside her spasming pussy fucking her with my tongue as deep as possible. I instantly wished that I still had my jackal’s tongue not that Fairchild seemed to mind. Her hands held my face right where it was. Like I ever wanted to leave. She continued to chant in the language I assumed was Velorian. When my tongue retreated my fingers took up the challenge and my mouth locked onto her large clit. When it was inside my mouth I could feel her heart beating through that most sensitive part of her anatomy. I held it with my teeth as my tongue flicked across it with an ever increasing rhythm. That was all it took.

"Kai’l mierda!" she screamed her body jumping into the air once more. "Mierda!"

I held onto her rolling hips but never once stopped working on her clit. Fairchild’s hands flew from my head to her breasts and began squeezing and pulling at her nipples to intensify the experience. Her thighs tried closing on my head but my shoulders were in the way and so they got the full force of those gorgeous muscles. I was really glad that Horus made me as tough as he did because this was one wild ride. I kept up the pressure for a full fifteen minutes and Fairchild kept cumming the entire time. I finally knew that she was coming off the boil when the pressure on my shoulders lessened. I lessened the intensity of my tongue but still kept going. I was damned well going to make sure that she enjoyed every last second. Finally, her fingers locked in my hair and she gently but forcefully pulled me up her body. There was another soul searching kiss waiting for me at the other end.

"Ross dansk," she said breaking the kiss. "Thank you."

"So do I make the grade."

"Top of the class Ross. Top of the class. Now it’s time for me to show you my appreciation."

I didn’t get a chance to even say a word. Fairchild legs locked around the small of my back and her eager pussy found my rampant dick. Instantly I was surrounded by the tightest hottest wettest sheath that I could have imagined. Scratch that, I couldn’t have imagined something this remarkable. Once I was fully inside those most intimate muscles clamped hold of my harder than a hydraulic vise. I was scared for just a fraction of a second but then I realized that it wasn’t hurting at all. Instead it sent shivers of pleasure racing throughout my body. This was just the first of my surprises.

"It’s time to so you what sex with a Velorian really means," said Fairchild flexing the muscles of her ass.

"You mean it gets better than this."

"Oh much better Ross," she said as her body lifted us both off the ground.

We rolled over until Fairchild was on top and then she gently lowered us both back to the sand. I didn’t touch it, however. Before we reached it Fairchild extended her long legs and stood there. She held my arms in her slender fingers to keep me parallel to the ground. She didn’t have to I was rigid with delight because I realize that the only thing that was keeping me from falling was the vise like grip her pussy had on my dick. The pleasure was the most intense I could imagine without passing out. I watched her abs flex and undulate as slowly gently her vaginal muscles released me little by little. She kept this up until all that was inside her was the very tip of my dick.

"Come back to me Ross," she said pulling on my arms.

I slid back inside completely and the process was repeated and repeated. I’d died and gone to heaven. The sensations that Fairchild created in me were like nothing I’d ever imagined before. How I didn’t black out or cum I don’t really no. Perhaps it was the fact that all the time I was watching Fairchild lovely face and seeing the pleasure there. The pleasure that was created by her pleasing me. I freed my left arm and it went straight for her clit. Each time I was lowered I played a little tune across it and Fairchild would shudder more and more each time. After about the fifteenth or twentieth such trip, I lost count, Fairchild sank to her knees and then all the way to the soft sand.

"Forn’tu Ross, forn’tu!"

I knew what this meant without a translator. I was close and so was Fairchild. I locked my hands around her slender waist and began thrusting. I didn’t go full bore right off the bat. I wanted this to last as long as possible for the both of us. I’d thrust in as powerfully as I could which brought a little grunt of pleasure from Fairchild’s lips and then just hold it there. Only when she began to squirm would I pull out and start over again. The longer I did this the more Fairchild’s breath began to pant and gasp. I wasn’t that far behind myself. Her fingers played continually over her nipples and her head was thrown back so that her blond hair tickled my kneecaps. Finally, I knew that I didn’t have that much more time left but I didn’t want to happen just like this.

My hand grabbed Fairchild hair and I gave just enough of a pull to bring her head forward. It was a good thing that she didn’t resist otherwise I would never have moved her. I mean she is one powerful lady. But she knew what I wanted and she wanted it too. Our mouths locked in a kiss as my hips finally got to do what they had been screaming at me to do, go into overdrive. Fairchild caught my rhythm instantly and matched it.

"Koodor," she breathed into my mouth and at the same time picked up the pace.

I matched her though how I did it is a mystery. Together we fucked in unison our loins slapping together and echoing across the Carribean island. I could feel the heat that we generated together and it only added to the pleasure but a part of my mind wondered if we could make glass this way. I never had a chance to think of the answer because Fairchild’s orgasm hit her and smacked me to. That was all I needed I blasted off like a missile. I don’t remember much after that except colors and sounds but most of all the feel of Fairchild’s vagina as it gripped me with all her strength. If I live to be a million I don’t think I could adequately described that feeling.

The next thing I remember is lying on my side. Fairchild was holding me in her powerful arms and crooning to me softly. My slowly deflating manhood was still in that most intimate of spots and it was just as lovely even though it was not been gripped with all her steel mangling strength. I smiled at this blond beauty and kissed her softly.

"Oh Skietra," she said after I was finished.

"I don’t know what that means Fair but it goes double for me."


Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997
Copyright ©1998, Infinity Bridge