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A Velorian takes on two Arions, one male, one female, in London during the Blitz. I tried a couple of techniques to give this pic more of a paperback cover look. All I can say is that lossiness can sometime produce neat results!



Done for the Dark Supergirl series in the AU. Here Kara is approaching the studio where Mandi is making trouble. The shock wave indicates that she is very supersonic!



Two Velorians stand in stunned silence just as the primary weapon on an Arion ship fires. They have about a millisecond of life left. Tried hard to give the ship some size, but I still don't think it's right yet. Still, this was used in the AU.



I have to admit that this one is a favorite. It captures movement, realism, and emotion as well as I think I can do. She's moving so fast that the vacuum behind her is pulling water up into roostertails!



Another pic originally done for Dark Supergirl. Here Kirstin reveals herself to a surprised Mandi for the first time since Mandi left her for dead.


This one was just an exercise in technique. I tried to play with texture and transparency to make the letters on the sweatshirt look real. A real learning experience! The white border around the picture gave it its name.


A concept of a final fight between Mandi and Kirstin that didn't happen. Here, Kirstin is pounding Mandi so hard she's smashing the armor of an M1 Abrams tank. Another character tries to stop her.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you're bendin' the Abrams. Could ya'll move on?"


A snapshot of Lillith and Phil taken right after the first Arion war. I tried to duplicate the look of photos in history books with this one. Even down to the white lettering directly on the photo.


A very symbolic pic of the spirit of Lillith. Her hand is protecting her planet, Tetra. Tetra is surrounded by its seven moons. The glow is from her heart showing the courage and integrity of a true Velorian Protector. Yeah, I know. But its a nifty pic! The white border gives a dreamlike look too!


I think this was my last pic done for the old AU. Having killed her step-father in an accident, Kara has run away to the streets of LA. Crying alone in the dim mercury-vapor light under a bridge in the industrial section, she's racked with guilt.


Having the Protector genetics makes any such Velorian girl special, but she still must voluntarily devote her life to the service of planetary protection. Only the shame of not doing so and role models like Kara, Protector of Terrans inspire the young girls to join.


Got a bit more fantasy, sci-fi here. A trophy, taken in battle, is prepared for transfer through an ancient portal. The planetary settings can be seen dimly, but what planet that is cannot be determined. The red glint of a forming rift indicates it's time to go.


In 1977, NASA was doing freeflight tests of the new spaceshuttle. Certainly important enough to have a Velorian Protector escort the ship!


A heavy enhancement showing an old friend newly arrived on a distant planet with two suns. The creatures who live in the village in the distance await her as she looks over her new home in a quiet moment.


A Velorian beauty sets aside her ceremonial sword, for the moment.


Someday, as mankind explores beyond known Space, we may come upon a planet where the inhabitants do not come out to meet us, but a beautiful yet wary Protector does. Will these two species, one human and one superhuman, regard each other with simple curiosity...or something more?


Ah, the joys of camping out in the great outdoors!

She woke first and quietly got dressed. Her visit during the night was such a pleasant surprise! The sun's first light finally awakens you and the first thing you see is her. She smiles at the look on your face. You always did have a weakness for her uniform. She gives you a moment to enjoy, but now she has to go to work. Maybe she'll return tonight. Maybe.

I wish DC would pick up on this uniform for the new Supergirl series!


A very early Lillith pic, in fact, I think it's really the first one! This has shown up around the Web since I first posted it in the AU. But then, everyone likes Dena with muscles!

I actually got an email asking about the availability of the t-shirts once.

A Vision of Tetra


A photo of one the calm bays on the eastern shore where the foothills of the Faldref come to an end and the desert begins. Here, Lillith wades out into the bay as two of the seven Tetra moons loom overhead. At the far left, along the distant shore, is a Tetrite colony, probably harvesters of Northundran seaweed.

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